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blame the blog site … haha juz kidding … but i couldn’t blog on-time due to the blog site technical problem but it’s ok … at least i blog NOW …

Yesterday was a very HUGE day … i think at least my PERBAHASAN can get thrid place … we’ve tried very hard … … and did our best + 100% and i believe … no … it’s a very great debate so far … ya know … the chemistry between the speakers … hari, edmund and i …

but still … the judges still dissapointed us … but i think there was something … some problem in that judge … why ?

1. i could see she’s showing something during my speech to other judges (influence)
2. opponents were apparently weak and their points, styles, and bahasa was not as good as us … THIS IS the MAIN POINT …
3. she’s giving bad … real bad comments afterward … coz her comments were somthing too general … … and safe and that’s why we suspected something …

FXXX !!! !!!!!! at least the best speaker should be on our site !!! i mean this was all nonsense … and lies !!! well … … … i do believe that perhaps she’s THE ONLY ONE who is not appreciate us … … i believe that someday in the future i’ll show everyone that yesterday she was giving a REALLY WRONG decision !!!

Image hosted by
I used this pic once more to show my condolence to my team members … … and i believe we’ll break through one day in the future … good luck !!!


Written by Boon Ming

March 31, 2005 at 2:24 pm

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