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“Haih … … haih … haih …”

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I like to say that coz everytime u say that it makes you feel better and hopes arise. I used to spend time alone and think blankly or something in the past. Dunno why but i used to do that and even now, sometimes i would do that coz it makes me feel better … hahahaih …

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Somemore, I feel tired some time … coz i was always in competition, eventhough i was trying (for u guys out there …) i has been trying not to compete anything (i used to be a VERY COMPETITIVE GUY) with others but i wanna tell u all that in a REAL WORLD … yes !!! in REALITY !!! It’s all about competition, perhaps i dun wanna lose any relationship / friendship coz my philospher is something that A FRIEND IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN AN ENEMY but i am tired to stick to this … sometimes i really cannot TAHAN to some guys (or u guys cannot tahan wiv me)

hahahaih … (feeling better) and now everything seems a bit tough for me but since little i knew that i was born to be SOMETHING … something that is BIG and AMBITIOUS … you guys can ask any guys around me and i’ll bet even my BEST friends won’t know what am i thinking sometimes … …

Who can figure out what exactly what I wanted to be please e-mail me and i’ll send some appreciation to you even your answers are not accurate !

Keep stick to my blog ya ?! coz i am a wanna-be … …


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Written by Boon Ming

April 5, 2005 at 6:48 pm

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