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not MAXIS ad but to maximise my power in anything … … from now on … I will choose the WORD or the TERM that describe best about my blog of that day so you will likely to see some posts like this … which only have three totally different meanings terms … … what ? you dun like ? I dun care coz it’s my blog and I have the EXECUTIVE DECISIONS … …

Some people just dun care about anything and I was so OLD (i think i am) just because I have to take care of everything. I felt like I was OLD (mature thinking) coz I need to take my words serious, you can’t ignore the things you have said, isn’t it ? Some is just too “HEAVENLY” and “CHILDISH” and ALWAYS LIVE IN THE WORLD OF HAPPINESS AND WORRYLESS … …

I can’t even though I wished that I could live in that kind of lifestyle. Just cannot imagine that how can one person be so calmful and worryless while you have a big project on your hands ? How can an ORGANISER looking for a COMPETITION PLAQUE / PRESENTS 20 MINUTES before the FINALS ???

COM’ON !!! this is a REAL world !!! A COMPETITIVE WORLD … or I should have tougher myself to prevent and handle this kind of situation and just fired off this kind of leadership … … and i believe i could just someday in the future … and it’s very soon …


Written by Boon Ming

April 9, 2005 at 4:13 pm

Posted in Updates

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