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ok … another report for today’s routine …

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erm … day by day … … i finally realised that everyday we make big decisions and mostly we didn’t even realise that. Today, when i think back what’ve i done today … … i mean … WOW !!! what the heck ? today is another challenge !! Walking into a classroom full with people with different ideas that make a decision even tougher to be made…

I admit when i do something, i would ignore somebody around…. i can’t explain this … because when i am doing something, my concentration is fully shifted into it and other thing i would put aside … and this maybe one of the reason you might think i am a COOL and COLD guy when you first met me.

I’m sorry for that and i admit i can’t help with that coz it’s me. Sorry for Kai Yit coz i remember when i WAS CONCENTRATING doing something … (if you forgot then it’s good !) i ignore you … and kenny … …… and some other classmates that had to scream my names for TEN TIMES to get my attention back on them … hahahahah …

well … let’s lock the door of HISTORY and get back into REAL BUSSINESS … … so .. give your ideas now on what should we have for the UNITY WEEK !!!

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Written by Boon Ming

April 13, 2005 at 6:54 pm

Posted in Updates

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