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Wow ! A great week and today i have lots to say … what comes first ??? erm … erm. … there’s a little thing i wanna inform you all, keep your fingers crossing starting from now bcoz i’m working on a new … i mean A WHOLE NEW template for this blog … … just expect something very elegant … hahaha (Quality of Apprentice 1- always be confident!)

then today happened something annoying but i won’t let it screw my whole day, but overall i was a bit provoked and sighed that … …… this kind of stuff still happening

1. CONSUMER CLUB – kenny i’m not blaming you, ya know. I’m just blaming those who din finish the job given by the leader ! LAZY PIG ~!!! When a leader ask you to do, you do and you do not hold it or spoil it !!! I am willing to help Kenny but I really cannot stand THAT kind of people that do not take responsiblity. Once more i mention here… that this is a CRUEL world and Kenny !!! You might stand up and fight for your rights !!! SCOLD the person in-charge (in distributing) and ask for this kind of situation do not repeat in the future …… and the leader should always take care of it. Like scolding when the comittee cannot do the work !!!

*** VERY NICE***2. then i went to tuition after school and when i was on the way back to my home. It was heavily raining and it was quite impossible for me to get home coz i din bring umbrella. (quality of apprentice 2 : prepare everything before anything) so i figure out a way that is to call my father to fetch me home from LRT station (Cempaka if you wanted to know which station) … … then WOW !!! It’s a long q and it seems like still lots of people do not own handphone. Never mind, so i waited … … ….. ….. and wait …… …. ……… ….. ….. seeing one made his /her call ….. …. and hung up …… ….. and call …. and hung up …… … the i realised something, at that moment i could not identify what i’ve detected. But in my intuition there’s something that i knew watching everyone make their call … …….

Aha !!! Looks like all of their family / relatives were not at home ! All of them after made their call … tried to redial …. and then gave up after making the calls … …. …. so, FINALLY !!! After 10-20 minutes, (got one funny kid there distracted my concentration so i couldn’t know the time) it’s my TURN !!! I was like YEH YAY !!! HOORAY … I’M GOING HOME AFTER THIS CALL … …. then i pick up the phone and put it nearer to my ear … …. …. !!! NO DIAL TONE ?!!! WHAT THE HECK ?!!!?

I Pressed the number button that directed to my house phone…. ….. … no DIAL TONE !?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

I guess now you knew what the heck was going on !! I quickly tell others behind me and ask the one behind me to make her call and finally WE confirmed it’s OUT OF SERVICE !!! WTF !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was not banging on the public phone but i do feel i want to bang on the people who were making the calls earlier … DIDN’T THEY EVEN BOTHER TO SAY THAT THE PHONE IS SPOILED ?!!?! I MEAN WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE LIKE THAT CAN STILL BE IN THIS SOCIETY ?!?!?! EVEN A FEW CHINESE STUDENTS WEARING XXX CHINESE HIGH SCHOOL UNIFORM WERE NOT TELLING ANYTHING AFTER MAKING THE STUPID FAKE CALLS … ……. ….. …. …



Written by Boon Ming

April 15, 2005 at 7:58 pm

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  1. 1. Ermm.. im real sorry ya for askin ya to help me.. so so so thankfuL!! sorry coz it took some time to fin the newsletter thingy.. sorri sorri.. n real thx loads for helpin me!!!! thx super doper loads!!

    2. I want to say sorry to u again coz i din wait with ya although i knew u dont hav an umbrella.. sorry sorry! hope u dun angry n dun mind.. if not i’ll feel guilty..

    3. Erm.. bout da post… man! 10-20 minutes?? huh? wat the heck man! ppl makin fake calls? i realli couldnt believe this kinda ppl will exist!! n they just go like dat without tellin ya all bout the phone actually out of service? huh?? wat the…… is there anythg wrong with our education > ? the moral syllabus changed? or wat?? omg!!!!!!! stil couldnt believe…


    April 15, 2005 at 9:49 pm

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