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Last Saturday, June 3rd, is a day I will never forget. I took the SAT Subject Test which is a standardised test requirement for any US university admission.

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This is a test administered by College Board which I think I had no good impression on them so far. My admission ticket which was supposed to be arrived days before the exam started, seemed lost in the way of postage. However, luckily I was still manage to take the test. When I entered the room with my friends, it’s like ALL OTHERS were using passport as their ID, and heard a lot of different languages murmured around the room. Like United Nations…

This was something funny. One thing you gotta know about this test is that you can only take up to maximum 3 subjects ONLY and they would give you ALL SUBJECT PAPERS together at one time. But at a time you were allowed to do one subject and were not allowed to look at other section. Honestly, you would have no time to look at other questions. Please, 85 Chemistry questions, 50 Maths Level 2 questions, 80 Biology-Molecular questions with each subject one hour. I bet you won’t even have the time to peek at others to see their answers.

I did the Chemistry first which I thought would be the headache for me since I did not revise for it. But it turned out to be quite easy. Unfortunately for my next Bio, I felt like all my revision was useless … … lastly the Maths I think would be no problem to gain a high score.

This is a first step for me. I would definitely sitting for SAT Reasoning Test (or ACT, but i won’t talk about this) which will be another nightmare for me to memorize 2000+ vocabularies. (Which is what I heard from other SAT students) Oh gosh… … the results for SAT II will be available on 26th June… hmm.. wonder whether I will still have to mood to check the results (especially after the release of the results of admission to local university).. anyway.. hope everyone work hard and good luck ! Godspeed !



Written by Boon Ming

June 8, 2006 at 5:15 pm

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