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Excited .. tomorrow going to meet NTU seniors and get my NTU freshmen guide… …

Education 伯乐与千里马

Thanks to Hong Fai and John, thanks to friends that fight along. Tonite through a series of conversations, it helps me to have a deeper look on our education. It reminds my sad story…

各位千里马, 你找到你的伯乐吗??

Most people will come and ask me Maths questions, hmm.. maybe they think I am quite ok dealing with numbers. Well, you might say I am proud but I do admit that I am good dealing with numbers since I was little. Dunno why.. I feel it’s comfortable facing with the numbers, and the operations plus, minus, times, and divide among themselves… i was always try to get 100 marks on maths paper, if not, even though it’s merely a few points, i would be upset, very upset.

I remember… I was the first one in my class to know about PRODUCTS (what times what equals to…) it’s school asembly time and each time the teacher on duty will give out several questions to be tested in every class, she mentioned that this PRODUCT question is for YEAR 3 only … (i was in YEAR 2) … What is the answer for 10’s 10 ? By using fingers (becoz i just learnt it from my aunty) i just simply yelled, “100!” Everyone was looking at me… … the teacher smiled at me. Maybe i was still little, I did not aware of my talent.

I din even know when my name was called to receive the second prize for Mathematics Competition (I din even know the simple Maths quiz i did the week before was a competition) during Year 1 assembly. Year 2 i advanced and got GOLD PRIZE. Other than Year 4 which I was sick and absent for the competition. I got prizes each year from Year 1 til Year 6.

But I was not giving the chance the represent the school. Not once.

I was a kid and probably I din care. Or probably I didn’t know how to care for it. I still remember the Maths competition questions in Year 6 were tougher. Since they covered some topics which were never taught in our syllabus – ANGLES. But I still manage to make a guess because my Mathematical Logic sense is there … I know which angles should be same with which angles by having a look and follows the logic manner… i got consolation prize that year. I felt lucky, but no longer when I sees the son of the school principal was getting second prize. How could it be ? A talent may not be risen in just a night !!

Forgotten what reason I got a chance to have a try some questions from Maths Society which people got represent the school. I saw angles questions … i saw many questions which were quite similar to the competition… … i felt cheated… maybe as a kid, i din care so much or i din know how to care… this matter fell into the deepest place it could be and no more being told to anyone…

Days after days … years after years .. all I had done was to be a good boy studying books, following syllabus that made by our ministry. I am still good at Maths especially in those numerical analysis, but so far the syllabus teaches. So far the syllabus goes, that’s why I’ve gone. I didn’t get any chance to meet any professors or have any relative who graduated from university that would be able to teach me and discover my talents. Now, I believe I am just ‘good’ in Maths. No more talented.

There’s an old proverb in Chinese. A good horse that runs miles need a good rider to know its value and fully uses its value. Without the good rider, it’s useless to have a good horse. 各位千里马, 你找到你的伯乐吗?


Written by Boon Ming

June 9, 2006 at 12:44 am

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