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wow … it’s a blow !

3 quite good things to share.. first.. i went to the NTU seniors meeting to get my freshmen guide. Haha .. I knew a few new guys but I din get their names … oops… The seniors are quite helpful and ok to talk with, and finally i manage to have a clear look on the campus through the guide. Hmm.. better to apply for my passport next week ..

Then, TA-LAH ! Finally I finished watching LOST Season 2… hey .. tell you a secret.. i had a cameo show-up on this tv-show !! Ah.. prank!! Juz kiddin’ anyway, my main purpose is to tell you it’s the BEST EVER tv show on Earth, telling you the synopsis later when I’m free enough.. in this very second season .. my god, so many things revealed (especially in the few last episodes!!) and what the heck.. i was like watching no-ending ending finale for two hours .. and suddenly .. “What?! You are done?!!” Well.. cross my fingers for the third season but sadly… can’t use BT in NTU campus… finding other way… lol

Third.. GOD HAS JUST SAVED THE QUEEN’S LAND !! With some luck, England manage to get an own goal from Paraguay’s own heading… haha… … anyway.. i think England has no luck (neither do Paraguay) so i think if with no own-heading-goal from Paraguay’s player, Beckham would not score it ! Haha …

Well… that’s quite ALL for today.. Kok Keong looked for me just now and got his certs back finally. I am not complaining but I was just afraid that I would lost his certs in the sea of paper rubbish covered all over my room. Guess have to settle it before I leave…

TTFN !! C ya !


Written by Boon Ming

June 10, 2006 at 11:07 pm

Posted in Updates

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