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hey.. i missed blogging for Monday… haha..

yesterday i just went out together with Wai Jin n Hong Fai to MACEE for the third time.. guess we are too ambitious or are we just stupid ?? haha.. studying and looking for reference for the SAT Reasoning Test..

Anyway.. at this time it is the first half break for Italy vs. Ghana World Cup.. (for you guys don’t watch World CUP, this year they are having it in Germany so I have to stay up all the night to see it LIVE!)

What a good fight putting up frmo Ghana and Italy. Both team possess quality to hold the cup but guess Italy had missed a lot of chances to score their goals.. now it’s 1-0 just a point lead to Ghana… Italy GOAL ! GO GO GO !!

The other reason i stay up all the night is I gotta prepare for an interview tomorrow.. gosh… it’s my first ever interview… hope i din ruin it..



Written by Boon Ming

June 13, 2006 at 3:59 am

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