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OK.. so someone quite confused with my choices of universities since I applied many of them and looked too greedy to be enrolled into all of them.. lol

I’m going to Nanyang Technological University 南洋理工大学 in Singapore in mid-July. To study Materials Engineering, (mostly, but i’d try for a change maybe) and further my excellency there… haha Why? Just because I wanted to grab a chance to go overseas and widen my horizon. Don’t want to be kept in the cage for so long. And looking for chances to be successful ANYWHERE… Honestly for now, I don’t have any intention to take up Singaporean Citizenship so please DO NOT THINK I AM BETRAYING MY OWN COUNTRY. Singapore ain’t better anyway…

In the meantime I would still sit for the SAT I : Reasoning Test in Singapore and perhaps some other subject tests (again) if I screwed up my last SAT II test in 3rd June. Why ? This is a compulsory exam for us to be eligible to apply for USA universities. For your info, I intend to apply for Harvard, MIT, Yale and Princeton. I know. You would start laughing and rolling on the floor and wondering how could I day-dreaming to enter those… Well.. I can tell you that I’m just GAMBLING here and putting a bet. Who knows I could strike a jackpot?! Just a bet… … just a bet… I’m prepared to be disqualified anyway but I knew I am 2 certs more prepared than other undergraduates… …

Now.. talk about nervous ! I am going to attend my first ever interview in my life tomorrow. Haha… just trying to be relax… Hope won’t throwing all those choking + smothering questions to me… Haih… anyway this is just a loan. Hope that I can receive the part-loan part-grant fund… Wish me luck!



Written by Boon Ming

June 13, 2006 at 4:53 pm

Posted in Updates

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