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Hi hi..

nothing much happen… reading books and start to read some examples for SAT I. … dude.. it is hard.. damn it… i do not know how i am going to prepare for it… read those comprehension materials… damn it.. i couldn’t even understand what is it trying to imply to the readers.. i mean.. what the … the writers are just trying to write the messages out and tell it to the readers right ? Then why the hell on this Earth they write it so difficult to be understood??

Nah.. away from the books… my parents going back to hometown to attend a funeral.. my aunty.. hmm.. should say she’s my father’s sister, she had passed away… it was unbelievable.. so shock i heard this news… well i never predict this since i just saw her when i went to Langkawi and stopped by at my hometown to see her end of May.. so unpredictable… she’s one of the nice person though I din talk to her much but she was so kind… one of the long relatives that I would see her every year.. now the greatest fear is begun.. i wonder how is the next Chinese New Year going to be in my hometown.. although it’s a big celebration with more than 30++ relatives will gather together.. but without any ONE of them is already enough to make us feel sorrow… and sorry…

It was Friday after i went to Imigresen department.. then when i was typing in front of this pc.. my mum just came in and said… “你二姑死了” In a split second i really couldn’t react… … I wonder.. isn’t she still there ? How about my cousins ??

Quoting again,
“Life is simple. You can be gone any minutes. So why not make it the best of your every seconds ?”


Written by Boon Ming

June 18, 2006 at 6:45 pm

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