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No Kad Pengenalan / My Kad : 860915XXXXXX


TAHNIAH! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut:

KOD : SK02


USM – KEJURUTERAAN ELEKTRONIK means Electronic Engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia located at Sebrang Perai, Penang… weird … first time government release results and i got no feeling.. dun know leh… everytime when they released PMR, SPM, STPM results my heart’s pumping… the adrenaline keeps the heart accelerated each time trying to check the results..

this time.. no sign of warning… no news on paper i read in the morning… i just suddenly got a MSN message said that the results can already be checked through SMS and website… i went and i typed and i looked… nothing surprise…

Getting first or second choice was already expected… i knew that this year the extra curicular activities marks would be counted and my “EXCELLENCY” can be shown.. haha.. but … never mind.. i won’t regret… i am just asking… what if i put higher competitive courses such as medicine.. pharmacy.. biomedic engineering… well.. haha… no one knows what will happen right ?? yup.. life is just like that… you won’t know what would be different for a tiny choice that you made in the past… haha.. perhaps i’ll be more excited when the results of SAT II Subject Test being released on 26th June later… haha.. maybe it’s becoz it’s one of my hope to get into USA prestige universities… haha.. perhaps now i got wider horizon.. sees things more objective … who knows ??

so.. where am i going ?? nah.. i’ve said… LIFE IS SIMPLE… YOU MAKE A DECISION AND YOU DON’T LOOK BACK. i made my passport last week… i paid the accommodation application fees this morning… no looking back… hahahaha GOOD LUCK GUYS !!



Written by Boon Ming

June 19, 2006 at 2:40 pm

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