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my new desktop

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hmm… my new desktop and some light to share

yaya… looks great isn’t it ?! I’m still working on it… kinda easy to do… Using WindowBlinds and Object Dock … …

This afternoon suddenly got a telephone call.. when the voice sounds low-key (*should i say MAN???) and speaking Malay, aha… I’ve been expected for his call.. wow.. he’s the HEAD of Bilik Gerakan and call me to explain the refund of RM150 to me… well.. so far what i heard from him i could connect to the possibility of getting the refund is still there… Hmm.. good service !! And he’s the one that was so keen on speaking English to me… haha… (maybe when he heard i was a bit KEK KEK when speaking in Malay) … i wanna give good evaluation… but not yet… i wanna wait for the money first… afraid later the higher the expectation… the greater the disappointment… I’ll evaluate them after I’m going to take my passport later…

TTFN wow… only 506 Chinese got EEE … and now minus one


Written by Boon Ming

June 20, 2006 at 10:27 pm

Posted in Updates

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