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First passport in 20 years of my life.

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Hah ! Holding the passport.. it’s great !! Finally i a going to hold this booklet to further my studies in Singapore for 4 years !!! Gosh.. open it… aha.. i saw a handsome face… (haha.. jz kidding… pls allow a low-key n ugly guy to have soe pride) and my details.. 178cm.. haih .. i should put it 180.. look rounder mah… haihz… haha.. but hey… u wanna know what’s happening before n after i tok my passport… *flashing back

my father called suddenly and said going to collect afternoon… so i called Tuan Haji Lokman as what the Tuan Shukri in Putrajaya told me to do so… … and ok.. shorten the story and now i’m in Imigresen Damansara second time in my life.. but i almost knew the corners quite well… coz i need to walk around to find the TUAN.. hmm.. before he asked me to wait at the PEKERJA ASING counters… i went to collect my passport.. WAO !! GUESS WHAT ?! NO PEOPLE WAS WAITING THERE !! It just a very fast 10 minutes before i had my lunch outside…

then i went to look for TUAN at PEKERJA ASING COUNTERS … haha… second time see so many different colour passport together… (first time during my SAT II exam.. i got mention.. my loyal reader you won’t wan to forget my first experience rite?) Myanmar.. (tis guy holding LONG-EXPIRED passport and the receptionist’s eyes grown BIG n HUGE when she read out the expiry date.. the situation was so funny)

then i was called and entered the TUAN’s room and i explained.. blek.. he agreed but he said the procedure were more complicated now since the money had banked into government account.. Damn it.. but he promised I can get it back.. just some more procedures and of course .. TIME !! Well i aledi expect to get my RM150 for my next school holiday to spend … in December… haha… but still ok coz learnt to complain mah… some more Imigresen .. haha.. dun afraid they restrict my passport later.. haha

so tats more or less the ‘interesting’ part of my day..



Written by Boon Ming

June 21, 2006 at 11:05 pm

Posted in Updates

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