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09:30 – Wake up and play my RPG ..
10:00 – Phone Calendar rang… reminder : Gathering at JJ 12:45 (still playing RPG)
11:30 – PK called, asked me to shopping with him … =.=” .. sadly rejected him coz later i got my own gathering … (soon i found tat he called a lot of ppl but no one went out… so cham … still playing my RPG, going to game over…)
12:05 – realised i must go for my gathering … take bath and departed
12:40 – couldn’t believe i reached my destination earlier… took a walk around and play the DUMB DRUM … hands got sored
12:45 – no one appeared
12:50 – LL appeared and we sat in KFC and talked w/o ordering anything, lastly we decided to shift to McD since they got free-refill of drinks
.Members attended the gathering
.-Yin Ying (going to Indon next month for Pharmacy)
.-Edmund (talked like a lawyer now)
17:00 – wet, reached home. Bath (again) and continue finishing my RPG (again…)
.dinner – PAN MEE by mom … juz as nice as usual
19:30 – finally… my RPG is FINISH !!! GAME OVER
20:00 – waiting for call, yam cha at Old Town Maluri
20:35 – Chee Yuan reached, fetched me to Maluri
20:50 – not yet seeing the shadows of any members
21:01:02 – First member living nearest the kopitiam reached, WTF… later than us !
23:20 – reached home… end of day … … TTFN

Written by Boon Ming

July 22, 2006 at 12:06 am

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