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Well … feeling weird for the title ? No worry, I’ll explain it to you CLEARLY … What’s this number 52 means to you ? Yup, it’s the number of weeks you have in a year. I’m gonna stay here for another 7 years (4 for my degree and 3 for my job bond) … minus that with 3 weeks that I had spent here … …

So basically I still got another 361 weeks to go …

Wanna know more from me ? Of course … I’m gonna sum up what were happening so far in my life here at Singapore … Sorry guys coz I din update my blog recently … … the main reason would be I don’t have a laptop but I’m going to have one soon … My father came here last Friday to sign the PC Loan… I’m quite excited to get my Toshiba Tecra later … … (please don’t rob me… I’m taekwondo black belt 6th level and I don’t want to hurt you!! haha .. juz kiddin’) It’s equipped with Fingerprint technology so that the one who rob me better cut my finger as well … haha .. it’s kinda high-end laptop … people asking me why buying the one so expensive … well … it’s interest-free loan … why choose a cheap one when you can pay it later ??

So what happened these few days ? I am mentally weak now. Why ?

– I slept around 3 something this morning … being pulled by my room mate, Jacky for supper … walao eh …
– I ‘think’ I had failed my Qualifying English Test … and need to take up another extra English module … WTF …
– I cannot register for extra subjects … gosh … …

Ok .. that pretty sums up the thing. About the QET … it’s an university entrance test where you will be tested on your English Language to see whether you need to take another module of English course or not … The test consists of only one essay … this year the titles are

i. If you could invent something new, what would it be and why ?
ii. Luck is the most essential element in life. How far do you agree with the statement ?

I went for the first one. Perhaps being too emotional and sentimental, I chose to take risk not to write some science fiction but to write some about my feelings … I wrote that I wanna invent a time machine just too spend more quality time with my family … The whole essay was about homesickness that brought me here for the first two weeks of my university life. So i guess it’s not the cup of tea for the examiners… wtf… I don’t know. From the seniors that failing in QET is quite normal but to me it’s surely a big blow for me. A huge and large and enormous impact … why ? To me, English equals to Maths. How much I have confidence in my Maths equals to what I’ve got for my English … And now they are telling me that I’m gonna fail it … wtf … I was so called the “English Debater” for my school and “Best Subject Scorer in English” and now I failed my English Test … haha … what an ironical scene… going to be crazy liao … …

Never mind … I’ll take it as a chance to refresh my English skill … and perhaps a passive revision for me to take my SAT I in October later … … crazy fellow …

Other than that .. to me, university life is really a very different lifestyle compared to the last 20 years of my life. I tried hard to stuff myself with works so that I won’t think about home and to be homesick again. OMG … I bought the bus ticket for 1st September to back to KL … … I got some dinner at my old school but you can also say that I cannot tahan anymore … … haha … In university, loneliness is the hardest part. So I know why is it everyone got a GF/BF during their studies … perhaps they need a ‘intermediate family member’ to share their loneliness together ??

What else ? Since I got quite little credit hour to clear for this sem so I guess I owuld go for AIESEC, and some other auditions for my extra curicular activities just to keep my university life in balance. AIESEC is something like an international student body and they need some interviews before you can really become their member … haha … They got internship / exchange programmes but I guess I would try to learn much as a leader … my leadership is too lousy … Other than that .. I got auditions for emcee, choir, English debate (wah… you failed in English woh… =.=”) and I think that’s all… Later got some badminton session with my friends … haha … finally …

Hmm… you can take a visit to to read more about my stories as well as my ex-classmates’ stories reporting from different universities in Malaysia and Singapore … it is quite fun to know how other universities are like …

That’s all for now … see ya … TTFN


Written by Boon Ming

August 13, 2006 at 9:51 am

Posted in Updates

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