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haha … i failed the second audition of choir … … hahaha … told ya … actually i knew it was a mess … i caught a cold (which would be my total excuse) and couldn’t even sing a note …

never mind …

another busy week .. i don’t waste my time to write so much and so you won’t have to waste much time to read my post .. lol … …

– went to Business Plan Boot Camp (for competition) and the best thing was the free buffet breakfast n lunch other than the business workflow, i went together with Suet Leng … scratching our head try to understand what the presenter trying to say … at last we think we got 65% of what they were trying to imply …
– borrow a book titled “Blue Ocean Strategy”what the hell .. shouldn’t i borrow something related to my field ??
– wanna share a story with you titled “ALL THE GOOD THINGS” but I am lazy to type the story out now … … it will make my post looked long n dumb … … so maybe next time i’d just post it alone when i feel lazy to type extra things …
-waiting to be interviewed through MSN but /…. still waiting …



Written by Boon Ming

August 19, 2006 at 9:02 pm

Posted in Updates

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