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My Merdeka Eve

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Tomorrow is Malaysia National Day. And below is the story of my TERRIFYING ~~~ eve :

1.30am – My room mate wanna go yam cha … =.=” … he planned to go alone but as room mate n friend .. of coursei teman teman … until 2 something
3.30am – finally went to bed
7.00am – woke up … prepared myself
8.30-10.30am – lectures … after finished .. i went to library to print something .. and when i wanna reach formy wallet and pay … SHIT!!!!!!!!!! NO WALLET IN MY BACK POCKET … I RAC`H EVERYWHERE BUT COULDN’T FIND IT !!!!@#$@!%#^SHIT!!!!

I called my room mate straight away and hoping that i might leave it at room. He was like … arh ? NO woh … … i asked again .. … he said the same thing again .. then i was like ..WTF … NO NO NO NO NO …

First thing that i thought of that time was how am i going back to Malaysia without all those documents … WTF … how come such bad things happen … then i quickly walked back to canteen and the lecture theatre that i went this morning …

by the time i reach my row … WHAT ? NO WALLET … I WAS SKEPTICAL A LITTLE BIT .. i dunno what to do since there was another lecturer teaching there … luckily i went one row behind and it was THERE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lucky … a very lucky … of an unfortunate event …



Written by Boon Ming

August 30, 2006 at 9:24 pm

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  1. wah.. so careless one ar u.. luckily can find.. phew.. dun so careless again lo.. aiyo..


    September 3, 2006 at 4:31 pm

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