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I have no intention to help advertise that movie Dead or Alive. Just that I saw this tagline kinda suits what I wanna to talk about so I quoted from it.

Now I’m between Dead or Alive. I’m still planning for my future. Why ? OK … Let me tell you the whole story. Before this I have already set my goal whish is to study hard to earn my first class. After the first Continual Assessment, I felt depressed. I got 2 points lower than average. It is just 2 points lower, what’s the big deal ? You might say .. Sorry I cannot accept that deal. It’s unimaginable.

Now I’m figuring out that perhaps I got no place to shine. That’s why I’m still unable to outperform and give my best. My brain still unable to start operating normally. I got 2 choices.

1. Concentrate on studies 100% but not sure I’m going to score. Maybe I got first class or maybe I got nothing and nothing in extra curicular activities to support me. So DIE.

2. Well. After some period maybe I get to know my brain already reach the limit and cannot go on more. I would study to keep myself upto at least Second Class but I’d join a lot of activities to strongly support my degree.

First Class (no or very few activities to support, and still not guarantee to get) or Second Class (more confident with lots activities to support) … it’s a hard choice.

For now I really want to try my best in sorting to both area. See how’s my grade for first semester and then I’ll tell you what I’ve chosen. Give some comment…


Written by Boon Ming

September 17, 2006 at 11:52 am

Posted in Updates

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  1. keep it up dude!! of course u can shine… jia you!


    September 20, 2006 at 7:01 pm

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