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sleepless week aka CA week

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well, at least now i plan not to sleep …

Sleeping Hours : 16 H
(from Sunday 17th to now Friday 22nd 0212H)
Total Hours : 122 H
Sleeping Rate : 13%
Performance Rate : 87%

So anyone wanna hire me ?? The above stats shows that I can work restless!!! Some more taking exam between the above period!!! Read more from below…

Sunday (17th) – sleepless for my Physics Continual Assessment (CA), honestlty this was the most UNconfident subject ever, since I was a Biology student in my pre-tertiary level … so basically other than the straight motion, for all those ANGULAR and whatever CIRCULAR … what the hell is that!?!?!?? motion motion lah .. why move in circle so troublesome … … so with the heavy head (a little bit dizzy since i din really sleep on Saturday) i went for it .. before having the CA i attended 3 tutorials some more … haha … geng leh … so by the time i got my questions .. WTF … 10 multiple-choice questions in 30 minutes and it’s open book test (i knew it lah… but need to read also mah.. or else u don’t know where to refer) … luckily it’s applying and understanding concept … … and not much on angular … (i don’t know how i manage to answer it..haha i juz found any formula and just put it in… wth…)

Sleeping Hours : O H (til Monday morning)

Monday (18th) – my parents came down to Singapore … to sign the Tuition Grant tomorrow (Tuesday) and so after my Physics CA I went to meet them. So good to see them. So after chores in my room (of course going back by my father’s car!!! no more walking please!!) i went to their hotel (Nanyang Executive centre which is in my campus) … wow .. it’s so cool … then i was like wandering around … and went back to my room at 10pm … i din sleep … i played THE MOVIE (the game where you are the producer for the studio and try to run everything for the studio.. kinda fun so far… i’m No. 1 studio in town!!) and only i realised it was 2.30am … din really sleep well … oh ya i din mention that i skipped one evening class to stay with my parents .. haha …

Sleeping Hours : 5 H (til Tuesday morning)

Tuesday (19th) – after one morning class i went down to meet my parents and went to sign the grant … becoz i’m a smart guy and hence i chose the correct time … the queue was no more than 5 minutes … so fast .. and off to go … so that afternoon and evening spent with my parents .. we went to Jurong Point and din really go downtown (the CITY) becoz they are going to bring my sister and brother here in the end of the year and wanna keep for that … so wow!! and after they left only i realised (AGAIN!) that I got a MANAGEMENT CA on Wednesday (ok lah.. i know i got lah but just neglected it.. okay? satisfy with this answer?!?! lol) … what to do ? well, it’s always good to have a NESCAFE at night … good … at 6.30am i even went out to cook the TOMYAM mee my parents bought for me (they actually bought one box but they left half in KL, don’t wan to scare me and spoil me i guess …haha) study study night .. another sleepless night

Sleeping Hours : 5 H (til Wednesday morning)
Wednesday (20th) – restless … my eyes so heavy that i could sleep by the moment i shut my eyes… GENG leh … until that level … from 0830-1530 were classes (2 hours rest in between) … and classes … the CA was on 1630H … … it was fun … MANAGEMENT … test on theories and common sense … yeah … i guess i did it quite ok … then we had a short FORUM with some guys from various sectors … (sorry but I really must make some comment here: WHAT THE HECK… MANY STUDENTS LEFT THE MOMENT THE QUIZ FINISH SINCE IT IS NOT COMPULSORY TO ATTEND THE FORUM BUT ACTUALLY IT WAS!!! SINCE IT WAS ONE OF THE LECTURE ACTIVITIES… FROM FULL LECTURE HALL WHILE TAKING THE QUIZ DOWN TO 30% OR LESS… WHAT KIND OF STUDENTS ARE THEY?? ARE THEY LEARNING?? OR SIMPLY JUST STUDYING FOR THE TEST?!? WHAT THE WORLD BECOMING TO?? SOMETIMES I REALLY FOUND THAT THE STUDENTS HERE HAVE NO QUALITY.. I DIDN’T SAY I GOT QUALITY BUT AT LEAST SHOW SOME RESPECT TO THE LECTURER… ANYWAY I DON’T WANT TALK MUCH HERE I WOULD COMMENT IN AN INDEPENDENT POST LATER…)
got a very touching management speaker from Salvation Army … it is a Christian organisation but their main objective is to lead the youngster back to their normal life. I was very emotional the time I heard him sharing his stories … and why him ??? Why I remember about him?? haha .. His name is HARY HARAN … hahaha … … familiar ? (by the way to new readers/friends, i got a friend which was used to be my debate teamate, his name is HARIHARAN) haha … but it was very meaningful talk … … a very good style of management … regardless of the money … really … touching and thought-provoking …
Tomorrow got Biology CA … so how ?? i tell you about my plan … I plan to sleep at 10pm (the time i got back to my hostel) and asked my roomate to wake me up at 2am so that i can study … well… he did wake me up … but by the time i really watching the clock it was 9am … WTF??!? Yeah … he did wake me up at 2am … i went back sleeping again… … hahaha …. so basically i din revise much for my Biology and the whole day was to hentam and hentam …
Sleeping Hours : 5 + (11) = 16 H (spoiled my record… i expect less than this)
Thursday (21st) – So I went for my last Maths Class (very noise which is what i wanted to talk about in my next post) and took my Life Science CA … … i got 27 out of 35 … … well i din really expect since i din really study but ya know lah … i was very greedy one mah … … so not really satisfied .. if i din sleep maybe … … so basically until now i was doing other stuff and calling people from my block to go watch movie marathon held by Junior College Recreational Councel .. (JCRC) i dunno whether i spelled it correctly but who cares … juz tat i am the block rep so i need to do the stuff but it was very funny and good .. imagine you met someone you know very well and she is just living above you … hahaha … and got the chance to see every faces … … got leng lui leh … from China.. Malaysia also got … … hahaha … got chance i show you all !! so i INTENDed not to sleep lah today .. since I’m gong back to Malaysia tomorrow 5.30pm … well too long right ?? i better stop …
Sleeping Hours : 16 H
(from Sunday 17th to now Friday 22nd 0212H)
Total Hours : 122 H
Sleeping Rate : 13%
Performance Rate : 87%
So anyone wanna hire me ?? The above stats shows that I can work restless!!! Some more taking exam between the above period!!!

Written by Boon Ming

September 22, 2006 at 1:05 am

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  1. Waks..impressive stats *

    Well, if this is the case, you def can survive AIESEC conference easily *muahaha…

    Cyaaaa *stomping feet no more


    September 28, 2006 at 12:37 am

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