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this is OVER-STRESSED issue!!! huawahauawhuawuhawuhawuhawolhakla *screaming ono-stop

just finish my formal report last Thursday, I could have submit it earlier but due to my little perfectionism in my mind, i seemed to hold it and do it for a very long time. GODAMNIT!!! Somehow I am proud of it… (started to be mad and insane) … gosh… i really need to find some cure towards my attitude.. i tried to calm myself that nothing can be perfect in this world … hence i am not that serious YET …

I still got 2 papers, one Management research paper (300-500 words)and one proposal for Chinese Library Tour. This is a bit insane. I couldn’t believe it. Haha, by the time I finish all this i would think that this is the most intense moment of my life. Can’t imagine the work-load I had taken (and don’t forget academic as well!!!) or maybe by that time I am died of overload…

only until last Wednesday I got to know how serious my problem is … there’s a lecturer from NUS giving a lecture on STRESS MANAGEMENT and it was really good!!!! Really thank to him that now I knew I am over-stressed … From his GHQ12 (question testing stress thershold) … i scored 5 out of 12. It seemed low right? But somehow more than 3 is considered OVER-STRESSED!!!! Gosh!!! Then I was also diagnosed as Type A Behaviour pattern … you type this on yahoo and most probably you will find this is a very high risk of getting heart disease… … sweating a lot…

So over this week, though I was busy and worried for EVERYTHING besides my academic… I tried to give myself excuse to rest more… things getting slower but I felt better, though a little bit still worry for the work left-over… … perhaps I’m not done yet with coping with university life… but I am sure I am gwtting the best out from it…

by the way .. why issit the BIG PRESSURE?? I aimed for First Class.. though it seemed not very possible now… i will still work hard for it!! Com’on !!! Everything is possible!!! I’m currently working on PLAN B as well … … will keep you all updated …

gosh .. what am i doing here ??? wasting time telling other people that I wasted time here??? (coz very few comments here… … this post was inspired by the last comment made by my AIESEC LCP.. really thanx)


Written by Boon Ming

October 7, 2006 at 3:43 pm

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