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click n scream

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what?? yeah .. click n scream … like this …


Why? Why screaming?? Well.. many things .. i would like to

scream for family
scream for time
scream for anything

Today I watched my second movie in Singapore. The movie titled “CLICK”. I know this is a comedy bt honestly you guys must go n have a watch. The moral of the story is so strong that I called my parents straight away after I finished the whole movie. Family comes first … touching theme… at least it’s not something that you would laugh an forget everything about it the next morning.

I can imagine the moment when u woke up the time has already fast-forwarded and everything has changed. You missed a lot of quality time… … You do not know what has happened and how’s the thing changed. Sad … …

Here in SG, I truly feel the same thing. Things change in KL while I know nothing and stuck at this place. Sad … … …

Appreciate your family. TTFN.


Written by Boon Ming

October 15, 2006 at 10:02 pm

Posted in Updates

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