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What’s wrong with the title?? why is something missing there?? haha … i received an sms from WJ few days ago with all the *A* missing in a message .. it was nice .. because all the disappeared As are going to appear in our report cards!!! yeah!! that’s true!!! haha … haihzzz … 12days n counting down.. to the day i come back to KL .. c u all … now struggling with Physics .. who asked me to go for engineering ?? what the hell .. haha … didn’t prepare really well … tis time exam SUI SUI lo … haha ..

i had my English Proficiency last Wednesday .. my first paper .. hmm.. not very difficult .. can say it’s a test to raise my confident gua?? let me get used to the style of examination system in NTU .. first time got into the exam

hall .. it was in the indoor basketball court … and it was so big and cold … walao … i could feel the differences between university exams and the exams that we used to have .. you turn your head around and you could hardly find someone you know … haih …

Then last Friday was Maths paper .. tell you this was the second most freaking paper i felt .. why? Honestly i was good in Maths (tak malu but it’s true.. lol) and so i was too tense and afraid that i would not score well and fail it .. really … omg …

then without too much realised the time i spent in libraries .. and it’s the second i was going to sit my Maths paper in Auditorium … since this is a compulsory subjects for ALL engineering students hence this was one of the HUGE n BIGGEST crowd examination subjects … haha … i think the seats got around 600-800 … if not mistaken … all within the foyer of the auditorium …

anyway it didn’t help much … i was too panic that i could realise my panic was too overwhelmed when i tried to take out my matric card for examination … i saw my hands shaking … omg it was not a good sign … i started off the exam with panic and tension but it got more relax in the midway of exam … afterall .. haih … i think i am OK … the score may not be nice since i still do not know the grading system for my U but anyway .. it had passed at least … … woof … oh ya .. tell you what… i made a very stupid mistake tat this was the second time i made in my life … but this time was ok coz the mistake won’t be affecting my score like LAST TIME (u wan to know what’s last time?? nah.. i won’t tell you now) … the Maths exam started on 2.30pm… and all the way i was doing so fast that i was so afraid that i couldn’t finish all the questions .. so fast fast n fast … and at the last questions .. (after skipping a few) i saw the clock shown 4.24pm … omg … i said to myself… i got only 6 minutes to do the checkings .. so i quickly flipped through the pages … … and redo those questions that i couldn’t finish … … then the minute hand of the clock touched the number ‘6’ … i looked around … no movement … i was like “e? issit the exam being extended?? issit the professor knew it was too hard?? (it wasn’t too hard actually.. juz tat i din read enough)” .. so without hesitate i flipped back to first page … … DURATION : 2 1/2 Hours … WHAT?! … haha … and so i got extra half an hour to check the answers … so WU LONG … maybe too panic gua … actually i knew it’s 2 and half hour but it happened that i forgot about it … anyway i think u hav no interest to see my Maths questions … so let’s move on …

ok.. so my next paper will be life science and physics .. honestly the MOST FREAKING paper goes to PHYSICS … haha .. sounds crazy right?? anyway i will try my best … and face the truth .. then next sem gambatte again!!! tonite .. juz now had a wonderful dinner … guess what?? me n my friends ordered pizzas!!! wow … haha .. first time eat pizzas in Singapore .. hehe … it’s Canadian Pizzas .. buy one free one … so we tried lo …

sorry hehehe .. after finish eating then only realise need to take some photos .. haha … the pizzas finish liao so take some model shoots lo … haha …

total was SGD 42 for 7 people (one person around 2 1/2 BIG slices.. plus one CHEESE ball.. free one Pepsi) ok ok lo.. juz not tat nice compared to Pizza Hut (but i dunno how’s PH taste in SG) … CHEAP MA .. what to expect?? hahaha … experience more important … hahaha …

so relax ?? yea lo … dunno arh … kinda feel a bit giving up … hahahaha … no la … fight until die die also must score oh … … it’s ok to score no A then not to try the best right ?? if all the people here so geng until i gave my best also cannot get A then i will accept my fate .. hahaha … in the end .. it doesn’t even matter … so .. i end my post with tis ..



Written by Boon Ming

November 19, 2006 at 10:13 pm

Posted in Updates

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  1. haha ~ sorry la bro~
    after I saw the gal with with such a good pose ~ I no mood continue to read edy~


    October 10, 2007 at 10:53 pm

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