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I can’t believe that I did it!!

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I can’t believe that I did it! Really can’t believe it! You may wondering what have I done… but I really feel guilty right now. I spent too much for this week!! Well, you might wonder how much would I spend in university but please DO NOT FORGET the power of internet + visa card or paypal = HUGE destructive force… my wallet totally BUSTED!!

 What have I bought? Well, I bought this

They are computer games yea you’re RIGHT !!

I like this game very much and last Saturday was their launching of the second chapter and I just bought it!! oh my god… TOTAL SGD110!!! Oh my god… … What have I done?! Never mind, work more during the semester break to earn back the money… Looks like this exam period I won’t be too bored afterall…

p.s. but i strongly recommend this game la… haha…

and next Tuesday i’m going to see Linkin Park live in action in Singapore Indoor Stadium and I got their meet and greet pass already!! Can’t wait@!@

– the Bear


Written by Boon Ming

November 12, 2007 at 11:15 am

Posted in Updates

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