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What is Life? What’s the purpose of living now at here?

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What is Life? What is the purpose of life? Do you ever wonder, by the moment you are holding a McChicken, take a big bite and appreciating the great smell of it, there are people dying of hunger. Do you ever think, by the moment you are buying a NIKE limited edition sport shoes, the unfair trading of the products toward the production country?

“For what reason should we take care of that? We can’t even take care of ourselves?!”

 You might think like that. I can’t stop you from thinking that. I’m not an authority. I do not have power to control your mind but think again. You are a lot more better off compared to the children starving on the street… well, not exactly on the street because they didn’t even have the ability to afford that! For whatever things that you are going to do, think again. Save energy, save power and electricity. These simple things are easily ignored by people. You can make a BIG difference by starting doing small things. Start with yourself. I am learning. We are all learning.

-the Bear, on fighting poverty mode…


Written by Boon Ming

November 15, 2007 at 10:51 pm

Posted in Boon Ming, Updates

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