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3 more papers to go… aka secret of the day

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ok… let you see this first..

So I got three more papers to go… They are…

1. Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
2. Polymers and Composites
3. Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials

in case you are curious… If you’re not… just continue…

So today out of boredom I went out to buy stuff for my friend’s birthday. It’s his 21st so I guess I’d need to do something different… It’s a big chance to humiliate someone especially during his/her 21st… hahahaha…

 I “customised” a big birthday wish for him and made him walked around the campus canteen… wakaka… wish you all here to see other people’s expression… lol

 actually I planned to buy REAL beer… haha… but ended tis one coz we need to continue MUGGING later… got THREE more papers to go!!! so instead I changed with a mild one… less than 2%… hahaha…


Written by Boon Ming

November 24, 2007 at 1:58 am

Posted in Boon Ming, Updates

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