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Season Premiere “24”

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Sorry for not blogging any entry for so long due to the following 2 major reasons:

1. Spent my time for these 24 episodes

2. I joined the Writer Strike.. read more from Yahoo! or Google or others, just search la! ;)..

And out of sudden I realised that it got nothing to do with me. So I blog back.

Without wasting your time, here’s the season premiere that you have been waiting for loooooooooooooong…



The following takes place between 0000H to 2359H on 29th Nov 2007


0000H- The Bureau contacted me via MSN, informing about the major security network bleach in the country. And I got 24 hours to stop it!!!

And I managed to locate the terrorist behind thismajor bleaching attack in 2 hours!!! Thanks to the lure (Choki-Choki) I gave to our of them…


0213H – The situation is so far under-controlled. So I took a nap.

!!! ALERT !!! ALERT !!! ALERT !!! 

I was overslept. The enemy has launched a counter-attack to our base. We need to run to save our axx.


0728H – I woke up after hearing some loud noise… It was their counter-attack!!!

I ran and I ran and I ran. But I was caught by them… 0811H

I was tortured…

I was humiliated…

Trust me… You won’t want to kow the details…

After 7 hours 35 minutes and 29 seconds being a captive under their investigation and captivity, finally I managed to escape with a mole that I had already cooperated…

1547H – I kept running non-stop without looking back… This is the only chance I have…

I survived the test without giving any information of the Bureau.

I must find out who betrayed me, and he would pay the price… So I contacted the mole and meet him at the mission briefing place.

1730H – He was late by 5 minutes and got a punch from me. It was our bet everytime we meet. So Agent K and I were discussing of next step. Trying hard to figure out who’s the mole in our Bureau.

Suddenly Agent K got a call from Miss Q and according to a SUPER-DUPER-HYPER-Classified information, that the mole we were looking for is suspected to have some connection with a Chinese named Mr. W.

“Yea, how could I forget him!” I said.

“It must be him!! He must be mad at us that we had grabbed  his Carl’s Junior Super Combo during the lecture last semester!” said K.

“Yea, he’s such a jerk!! What we’ve done was just grabbing his hamburger, turned him around, kicked him in front of 1,000 pretty hot Business chicks and pour the vanilla ice-cream onto his chest…”

“Did we do the vanilla thing?”

“Nah… who cares? It must be him!!!”

So for the first step, we will need to locate him. And we brought 3 Charlie’s Angels as spies for us into the secret agency.

2310 H – We managed to break into the facility. It was no doubt that this facility must contain high confidentiality information with such high security system built along the way. We managed to bleach the security and got into the final room…

2345 H – We have located the crucial information about Mr. W. We could locate him right away!

2350 H – Mission completed. I wanted to go but Charlie’s Angels insisted that we must take a photo as it’s their normalities or else Charlie would beat them if no evidence to proof they have done their job. So “CHEESE!!”


2358 H – BANG BANG BANG !!! We have been detected!!! The alarm has rang !! Run !! Run !! Run !!

BANG ~~~ BANG ~~~ BANG ~~~










“What?! It’s YOU!!!”













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December 11, 2007 at 11:45 pm

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