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Hi everyone. I’m back. I’m back from a very meaningful event than anything I have ever done so far. (Well, perhaps it’s one of the meaingful events… I did a lot of meaningful things de… hehe)

So where have I been? You might ask. I was not online for 2 days and more… I was almost out of contact to the world for 2 days… I was joining a DRS Camp specially held for 29 boys from Singapore Boys Home. Wait wait wait!! What is Singapore Boys Home?! Who are the boys?! You might be curious… They teenagers under observation due to their past (some sort like Pusat Pemuliharaan Remaja) … But I found something more precious than anything inside this camp.

They might be naughty but who has not been naughty? I was such a devil last time when I did so much of stupid and crazy stuff. Afterall, I feel that they were the very same people like us and we played along very very very well.

On 12th Dec, we met with all the other volunteers at Sembawang MRT Station and we practised some cheers before going into the campsite. Jun Han taught us the “Shake it Momma Shake it” dance and it was hilarious that we all practised the dance at the MRT Station with all the eyes starring at us… ^.^”

We reached the campsite at 11am and we saw the boys who were already there. This was the second time I met them, after the first session 2 months ago so I was quite excited and worried as well. I would be the group leader for a group of 8 youngsters. I wondered what the camp would proceed… Hahaha…

We had ice-breaking and it turned into a violent one… Hahaha… But everyone was so enjoyed the “Double-Whacko” game. Afterall my partner and I worked kinda well together andso we didn’t get punished! Haha… Then we movd on to other games such as the blanket game (where all of the members have to stand on the blanket and it will be half-folded… etc), Move the Water, Finding the Correct Shoes, Hula Hoop Game, and modified captain ball game for the first day. Our group won some of the games and though sometimes it was kinda hard to control all of the boys but it’s very good to see that they were really enjoying the games!! In the night we had night walk walking around the ‘clean’ beach in Sembawang… Hahaha…

Then the second day I woke up around 7 something only to find out that some of us went for jogging with the boys… haha… i was such lazy pig… So for those like me who didn’t go out for jog, we were waiting for them until around 8.30am… omg… They said it was 7km !! Luckily I didn’t… … else… …

Then we started our game “Obstacle Course” after having our breakfast. It was so fun especially to see each of them work with each other so well and each of them really have (a) close buddy/ies where they can play, joke and work with. I was so surprised to see their chemistry with each other and very proud of them!!! Then we had the blind-folded game. Our group didn’t work out that well for this game but who cares?!

Then we proceed to “Soapy Tug of War” which was really a turn-on type of game for me… Hahaha… Not to mention I was the “Tug of War” champion team in my previous secondary school. Muahaha… but we lost in the first round … … sweat ….. Hahaha… it turned out that this modified version (with soap water on the ground) was really hard afterall, everyone of us was like slipping our feet and stilll want to grip on the mat trying so hard to pull the rope… We won the second round even without my participation (honestly they were so sad when I said I needed to be pulled out from the team because the other team got less people to play the game, but..) they have won the second round even without my supersize body… haha…

Then we moved on to another fast-paced “Water Bomb” game and it all finished in 2 or 3 minutes i think? I was targeted and totally wet in the end of the game. 2 headshots directly BOMBED at my head… *stars

Then we got ready for our sketch and BBQ dinner. We BBQ together and I was so touched that the boys joined me and really want to serve me! Haha, until some point they were like grabbing my tong and asked me to sit or stand aside and grabbed some food… They said the words out so sincere that I was really happy to hear that. Hohoho… Then we played our sketch and it turned out to be so spontaneous and funny with the participation of all the boys and Group Leader, Xiu Tang and I… haha… I was really really really really proud with all of them since they managed to give out such a nice and WONDERFUL and PERFECT show even after some small arguement happened just before the show. They wee so professional that they could put their emotion aside and concentrate on the sketch and so spontaneous and expert during their acting. (we didn’t even have a script!!! non-scripted sketch for 8 minutes!! omg…) Really proud of all of you!

You might notice there was no photos posted in this blog. It is because photos are not allowed to protect the boys. I do agree on this but I’m gonna miss them and afraid that I might forget their faces next time I saw them. Hopefully not…


Written by Boon Ming

December 14, 2007 at 3:33 pm

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