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Sharing some Consolation of Mine from DRS Camp

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Honestly I was quite upset because we were not allowed to take photos anyhow consist the face of the boys. I knew it’s for their good but somehow it’s pathetic for people like me. I had the special power to forget everything in a very short time… so sad.

But lukily in the end the boys made this secretly and passed to us during the closing ceremony. I was so surprised that the boys had handmade these greeting and thank you card all by themselves and so secretive that I didn’t find it all the time til the end!! I was so happy to see these, at least my effort was worth it!!

 From Wei Lun

 From Alfred

 From Arshat

 From Azhary

 From Wen Hao

 From Raiyan

 From Ruzaimi

 From Jerald

Thanks to Wei Lun, Alfred, Arshat, Azhary, Wen Hao, Raiyan, Ruzaimi and Jerald. I was really enjoyed during the whole camp and you guys made me proud especially during the games and the drama performance. It was one of the best ever performance I participated so far~~~ Wish you all get discharge soon and continue to strive the best in your life!

-Boon Ming, the ‘Bear’


Written by Boon Ming

December 15, 2007 at 2:47 pm

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