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i am LEGEND movie review + personal reflection

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During some reflection sessions in previous workshops I’ve participated, when I was asked about the thing that I fear the most in my life… I always skeptical about these… Perhaps there are too many things that I worried about but now I think I got a final answer…

-Imagine a road the stretch into never-ending land… lifeless…

-Imagine a desert with infinity of loneliness…

I can summarize that to 5 words – “Losing the purpose of Life” … when there is no reason for me to stay alive on this planet Earth anymore… That is the scariest thing for me in my life.

And this movie, “I am Legend” describes some of those feelings more or less in some scenes and though the story could be more developed but I think it’s one of the worth to watch movie for the time being. Don’t watch AVP 2 unless you are just some flesh looking into only actions and no other emotions other than fear… Basically AVP 2 can be summarized as TRASH… I prefer the original Alien or Predator… AVP just sux…

Back to LEGEND, go have a look on it. Will Smith is cool too!!

Written by Boon Ming

December 29, 2007 at 11:46 pm

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