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Little Bodhi / Little Friendship

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2 weeks ago I’ve told you about a small outing that I’ve helped out. It’s a gaming session with lots of kids in Chinese Garden, 20 minutes away from NTU. I was th photographer for the event and took a lot of photos. Share some here…

The kids were … haha … somewhat hard to control … we needed to divide among us to 1 crew to take care of 1 kid so that they won’t be running around and injure themselves … which later they still ended up running all around … hahaha …

 My group… haha…

 Burger time!! all vege ler..

 the Japanese Garden besides Chinese Garden…


Nice ler?! hehehe… Don’t know why, this semester I sudden;y so like this kind of work… been doign this a lot!! haha…

-the Bear

Written by Boon Ming

December 30, 2007 at 11:19 am

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