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it’s Day 3 of 2008 .. what are you doing?!

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Hi 2008 !! And oh yea… hi guys!! Thanks for staying with me for 2008 ~~~ Hahaha… I was so afraid that your New Year resolution was t spend less time online and thus never wanted to visit my blog ever again… muahaha

 So it’s already day 3 in a brand new 2008 !! What have you done so far?

It’s been normal for me and starting to be busy again!! I went out almost the whole day yesterday just to settle some stuff.. buying bus ticket … … making name cards … IC stuff… and more and more… Whatever it is I wish all of you ALL THE BEST in this 2008 !! hehe…

Oh yea… I want to share a very nice book with all of you… I’m currently reading this and I can’t stop reading it (until I type this… hahaha) I bet some of you might have already read this or at least heard of it… It’s a very heart-touching story..

The Kite Runner 

Almost cried while reading this… The friendship is so true and pure…

I would have a special review post on this novel soon. After I finish reading ok? Haha… I’ve finished more than half for the past 2 days…


Written by Boon Ming

January 3, 2008 at 12:47 am

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