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+++Genting Fun Fun Fun+++ Part 2

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Someone has been expecting more about this trip and so… here they are!! Haha.. more photos from th trip to Genting with my friends few weeks ago… It was a CRAZY trip… hehe… with INSANE people…

*the maxis line too slow, i can’t upload more photos for you all, sad, but i’ll soon be back to NTU with faster line (but of course at the same time i maybe too busy to upload them…) *sad again…haha

=============The Adventure starts here================

The “louya” bus we got in almost DIE on the way upto Genting… We were like watching other buses… buses by buses cutting in front of us and we still slow like turtle… walao eh… this ah… and then guess what??! I wanted t go to toilet!!!! I was like almost cannot tahan on the bus until…


Of course these photos were taken AFTER we RUSHED to the toilet… siao ah…

Then suddenly our love birds cannot tahan liao… so they played… … omg… les…

Trust me, the LIVE version was even more SUPERB!! muahaha

After check-in, we quick quick run down (actually we wasted some time in the room lazying on the bed la… haha)… have our lunch cum dinner at Pizza Hut…

You know, hungry people are SIAO people… so anything could happen…


Just anything…

We simply did anything to kacau ANYONE … muahaha

<<Kungfu 功夫>>

<<喜  怒  哀  乐>>

 We pose a lot.. of course after our pizza la… yum yum…

and pose…

and pose…

and we act like don’t care about other people (actually honestly deep from my heart… we REALLY DIDN’T CARE AT ALL!!) muahaha…

This one was a very nice picture oh!! We all muka tembok tembok asked the tourist to help us take a few times until we satisfied… only then we let him go… muahahaha…

and shooting photos inside Genting hotel was simply not enough and so we went outside to take more!!


and we saw a shooting star… really!! (actually only one of us saw it, but all of us quick quick make a wish…lol, dunno real or not…)

 then we saw fireworks!! whoa~~~ (Real or not?!)

Then it’s too cold that my camera frozen… so we went inside to rest awhile… muahaha…

Trust me… I got more photos but this stupid line is too slow! couldn’t upload them… so you gotta wait longer…


stay tune for Part 3 !!


Written by Boon Ming

January 5, 2008 at 1:43 am

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  1. Hey,

    I noticed you are one of the contributors of the education in Malaysia website…I’m looking to interview youth who are involved in setting up such websites for other Malaysian youth. Can you pls email me so I can get into contact with you the other contributors? Thanks

    Sarah Chew
    Journalist, The Star

    Sarah Chew

    January 9, 2008 at 6:49 pm

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