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I’m Back~~~ with new fridge and breakfast oh!!

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As you can see… I am a busy man. Walao eh~~~ After 4 weeks of headache and dunno what I should call that… crazy .. SIAO AH ~~~ Finally I got some spare time and the first thing I do is to type something on here. See how good I am!! haha…

Really, this has been one of the messy-est varsity life period I’ve been through. Taking all voluntary resposibilities and joining some competitions, keeping myself busy and restless… I really feel like crying at some point… haha… I was extremely DOWN and UPSET few days ago because due to my extremely busy involvement in acitivities I’ve been neglecting my academic for 4 weeks liao!! Never do any tutorials in 4 weeks … omg… (other than my Languages courses) and so I was extremely frustrated with myself and that’s why I feel like crying… T.T

But anyway, NOW will be a resting time for me (nothing to bother me for awhile) and so I can relax for a little while (ONE MORNING actually) and can’t wait to go back for Chinese New Year!! haha… really excited and this somehow gives strength to me to stay ALIVE ~~~ haha… no worry… I won’t xxxx myself like H.L.

By the way, to be honest with you la, actually the first thing I did this morning when I got nothing to do was not typing this blog… haha… but I COOK MYSELF A BREAKFAST !! haha… after so many days in NTU finally my roomie and I bought some utensils and a fridge so that we can cook sometimes!! Hohoho… cool right? Ok, let’s go straight to the photo like old times… haha

 preparation … hehe

 these are what i’m going to cook as my breakfast!! oooh!!

  basically just throw everything in!! haha… I’m trying to be resourceful because I don’t have much stuff in my fridge and so I “CREATED” this special recipe… TUNA + YOUNG BREAN SPROUT + EGG … luckily

 ok… it all tasted like human food in the end.. ok? haha..

then let me introduce to you my new roomie!!


Haha… really nothing much in the fridge… we bought tis total around SGD400 and we decided to buy that fridge becoz of the following conversation between me and my roomie

My roomie “hey wanna buy a new fridge?”

“Ok, why not? But what’s your budget?”

“I don’t know … what do you think?”

“Hmm… since we are going to spend an amount of money for the new fridge.. why not spend a little bit more to get one taller than you?”

My roomie “……”

and so we ended with this fridge…

See ya!


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February 2, 2008 at 10:46 am

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