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What happened to me YESTERDAY ?

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Haha!! It’s me again!! Hoho.. glad that I am able to blog for today!! hehe..

So wanna update with you gusy of what had happened to me yesterday night. I went for the reunion dinner gathering for my Welfare Srvice Club, Boys Home and we were having a great time! So fun to gather with them and eat so much and play together!! haha… See the photos then you will know!!


We had our dinner at an Indonesian Restaurant along the Clarke Quay… Nice environment and nice food! 😉 … we even compete with each other for food … hohoho … i won in the end .. of course!


and then we have “Flower Presenting” ceremony…

 i was wondering whether they put alcohol in the food.. we were so high!! hahaha actually only me la … haha

 then we went to Chinatown and bought some fireworks!! haha… and then …

 we played the fireworks along the Singapore River!! haha… trying with a lot of stuff like writing WSC … … well … they misspelled it “WSW” … duh !

then I corrected them … … WSC – the best Welfare Service Club in Singapore !! haha.. only then we realised that the smoke we produced seriously polluted the whole scenery along the river and we fast fast packed our stuff and ciao before any police come!! haha!!

 then we didn’t want to go home so early so we “purposely” stayed until we missed the last MRT train and so we stucked in the city’s McDonald’s until next morning…

 NO LA!! We took cab back to NTU afterwards… though I really wanna try tat someday in the future!!

That’s all!! See ya!


Written by Boon Ming

February 3, 2008 at 2:03 pm

Posted in Boon Ming, Photos, Updates

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