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More report from me…

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Hi all, more reports from me! By the way, to thank you all continue reading my blog I would post some CUTE n SCARY thing in the end of this post… so cross your fingers!!

Wanna show you some new and old photos taken using my phone…

So we had dinner at Crystal Jade La Mian and Xiao Long Bao … what a long name for a restaurant .. haha .. the third photo’s dish name is “Saliva Chicken Mee” if directly translated… wth… it’s cold and i don’t like it to be honest with you… haha… the Xiao Long Bao… ok la…

oh yea… tell you more about my part time job! Haha… so i worked in a lab and basically I’ll need to do anything … yea anything!! haha… so yesterday i was an accountant to check through all the expenses/spending of the lab… haha…

 and you can see how TALL the files were right?!! haha…

and this is the glove ‘SPECIAL’ for me becoz no other person in the lab use XL size than me… hahaha… so basically it is RESERVED!





Last but not least … the photo of the day!!

i cut my hair… cute right? (seriously… omg… i dunno wat was i doing … *sweat)

remember to spend some time to watch the movie i’ve recommended from below…

Written by Boon Ming

February 28, 2008 at 3:07 am

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