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Lots to Say, Lazy to Type

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Many things to say, many things to report, but no photos and lazy to type… so how?

I can practise my summarizing skill here and now…

1. Last Friday, me myself had a great time ALONE from 10am to 7pm before meeting my friends for a choir concert at City Hall at 8pm. So from 10am I had been to Singapore Expo because there got Popular bookfair (lousy… nothing to buy), travel fair (3 dollars entry… well.. i prefer backpack.. so…) and Watson grand sales and I ended up spending 72 dollars to buy my backpack!! Hahaha!! It’s a nice backpack and it’s cheap! Don’t say it’s CAP BALAH because it’s OUTGEAR you know!! haha… Then I had my great time carrying the BIG bag around Singapore… I walked around the city centre from City Mall to Raffles to Bras Basah to Bugis to Waterloo street to Little India to SMU to Fort Canning Park to Chinatown to Clarke Quay to Boat Quay and back to City Hall Victoria Hall before the concert started!! The total journey was around 8 hours. GENG LER !!! All that happened before I went for midnight shopping with Cindy and Olivia in Orchard and found out that Friday was not the day for midnight shopping!!!!! Haha… (Last Saturday of the month and only til 11pm.. I was like??!?! huh?!?! until 11pm  ONLY still can call MIDNIGHT SHOPPING?!)

2. Saturday went for a anti-drugs talk as a volunteer from NTU. Quite nice!! Hehe… (important coz got free food… haha… juz kiddin’) then went to Toa Payoh to walk around and see the REAL Singaporean lifestyle! Great! Ngam ngam they had a Civil Defense campaign there. Will upload the picture once I finish busying.

3. Sunday – Went to Sentosa for outing. It’s Freshmen Orientation Camp Main committee and subcomittee member pre-outing to bond each other up and … hehe… will upload the pictures soon…

4. Been CRAZILY BUSY since Monday and juz had a 40-questions quiz juz now!! Now preparing for quiz tomorrow… (2 quizzes + 4 assignments this week… how to do?!!?)

I’m DONE !


Written by Boon Ming

March 6, 2008 at 5:17 pm

Posted in Boon Ming, Updates

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