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3rd Sleepless Night this week~~~

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Actually when I’m typing this, it’s my 4th sleepless night… Anyway… So last Thursday I went to my last Welfare Service Club session and it was so cool that we had our “Last Supper” at Newton and overnight “hung-over” at Sentosa. I called it hung-over because a lot of people were drunk… hahaha…

Photos photos…


Then we saw this cute guy at Newton!!!


He was so cute even when he was doing nothing!! lmao !

 then we proceed to Sentosa… and saw the same guy again!!!?!

 some UFL (Unidentified Flying Light) spotted at Sentosa…

Bridge at Pahlawan Beach, 1am, Sentosa…

More pose!!

 more and more pose!!  

drunk people playing in water… lol

omg.. he was so hot !!

 to be honest with you all, it didn’t taste awful at all !!

Disclaimer: The photos you are about to see are explicit and may cause a certain degree of discomfort. If you are not comfortable with these content please do not look any further!!! The blogger will not take any responsible of any consequences that will be happening to you.




Sun Rise !!!


some group photos before we left Sentosa… walao…

Bye Bye WSC Blk D !!! See you all again next year and wish you all good luck in exam!! I like this ECA very very much and I will rate this as my No. 1 ECA of the Year … Nice people I’ve met… Nice work we’ve done and it’s really meaningful !

And our block head, JW has made us and handmade personal whiteboard message thanking everyone of us and each one of us will get a different message from him! How nice is he spent all his precious time to do all these !! Thanks ah !! You are one best block head and wish you all the best in your final and your job soon… lol … Juz kiddin’ la… You better don’t let us see you in NTU next sem !! lol … tat means you aren’t graduating any sooner … lol









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March 23, 2008 at 4:02 am

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