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it’s 6am !! and 很久没有骂得这么痛快了!

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So… this will be my 5th sleepless night. Fortunately I managed to grab some sleep in the afternoon so this does not consider as totally sleepless night afterall, but I seriously doubt that my living lifestyle would brin gme anywhere if I continued doing this. I need A BREAK !! Probably going back to KL next weekend to cry to my family and then come back to start again !! haha…

So since I’ve staying awake for quite some nights… My anger and temper has proven to be increased from the stress level that I am having now… So there is this one guy (eho claimed himself to be a NTU student) appeared in Cari Forum and keep on shooting NTU’s quality without any evidence nor description… Hence I exploded and bombarding him with words and sour criticism…

Seriously I am really doubt that he is a student of NTU, in fact I don’t think he’s even studying because the level of his thinking ability is way too low that he never filtered what he wanted to say and thought that internet is a place where people can just express anything irresponsibly… SICK MY DUCK !!! (haha.. i like this phrase!) So I fired my gun and I really hope that he will come back for more cause I really need that as a place to distress !! Hehe… Below is the extract …

 and my reply to him was …


我没有在比较NUS和NTU,因为这两所大学性质就本来不一样,NUS历史悠久,文科等科系选择居多.。NTU50年的历史,是以科技为本。十本区域数一数二的科技大学,加上近年来NTU的NANYANG BUSINESS SCHOOL也成为世界前50。。。这本来两间大学就不能做比较!!!

如果你说NUS比较好因为出路广。。。这是在太好笑了,请问你读者的是什么COURSE?如果你是要读BIOSCIENCE的话,NUS和NTU BIOSCIENCE的毕业生出路不是都一样广吗??除非你说,我在NUS读的BIOSCIENCE可以同时变其他DEGREE那么我就出路比较广了。。。两者之前的差别只是在科系上不一样多。。虽然NUS提供比较多的DEGREE但这不代表你的出路广,因为你还是读一个科而已。。

就好像拿UNIVERSITI MALAYA比较UNIVERSITI SAINS 或者是 UTM / UKM / UPM 。。。 有的说那一件会比较好吗?UM的医科使出了名,但是USM/UTM/UKM的其他科系科不能忽略!!!


[td]The first time a Singapore business school’s MBA Programme makes it to the world’s top 50

MBA from Nanyang Business School is “very good value for money”

Nanyang Business School up in EIU world rankings; retains top spot in Singapore

NTU graduates in high demand – A Special NTU Feature

Top-notch education, top-tier careers – A Special NTU Feature

NTU grads paid more, hired faster

NTU students take the road less travelled

NTU team one of only 11 worldwide to win coveted Microsoft grant

NTU’s MBA ranked best in Singapore and top 3 in the Asia-Pacific region

而且据市场调查,NTU的FRESH GRADUATE的在总平均月薪比其他两所大学稍微领先SGD200。。。这些都是有凭有据的,那么我想问一问小弟你所说的是从哪里听回来的?小弟如果是凭空想象的话,那也太精彩了吧?不如加入最近 中文学会大型舞台制作成为编剧??哦。。。。不好意思,他们已经找到我了。。。 你还是等明年吧。。。你是有潜质的!!


***各位新的学弟学妹们,如果你觉得我有点言重的话,敬请原谅。因为由于网路的广乏,造成很多人对本身的语言举止非常的不负责任。乱说话事小,妖言惑众事大。我本人对事不对人,如果 llo_ol 小弟不服气的话,可以拿多证据出来,我们来论一论。

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Written by Boon Ming

March 24, 2008 at 6:14 am

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