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English Version for NTU students

I’ve been talking a lot of crap recently. Doesn’t care it’s in Chinese or English. It’s all crap! Most probably I’ve been under stress for so long due to the chinese drama script that will due very soon and I’m still not yet done with it .. Argh ~~~ !!!

These are some words that I’ve kept to myself for long. I feel that the students HERE (by this i mean in these regions, and not particlarly an institution) are seriously lacking of an attitude – which is automatically think for others. Not that the students here do not think for others nor they won’t act automatically but it’s a combination of both. They won’t think automatically for others. (most of them) Most of the time, they do not put their feet into others’ shoes…

Take an example, I’ve just finished a bday party. It is a happy party and it was and I am happy no matter what happened. What I wanted to say is that, it has been a headache asking money from everyone. Before I started all these crap, I’d like to thank those who approached me and paid the money. It’s really a great pleasure not to begging money from all of you! Just for others, I’m not sure that you’re so forgetful even I’ve made some announcement. Please… We are all students. You are a student and I am a student too! Think! It’s already a headache for the organiser of a party to organise it while all the stuff are not free… Hello?! We got no sponsor from SingTel nor Starhub… We need money to buy stuff !!

Do you really want us to open a special counter o collect the money before you start eating the cake?! Com’on!! Be more considerate ok??

There are more to say but so far so good. I’m done ’cause I need to settle other stuff now. Well, after crapping so much, it’s good to say i feel that it’s worth to spend SGD100 for my roomie in exchange for a happy party. But relating to my previous post… … DOES IT SOUND WORTH TO OTHERS??? For whatever that I did, I have no regret. Just that DOES IT LOOKWORTH FOR OTHERS OR I AM JUST CRAPPING STUFF ???

You tell me…


Written by Boon Ming

March 26, 2008 at 12:51 am

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