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Thanks~~~ +random photos

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I know my recent breakdown has receied a huge response among my circle of friends. No worry! As log as you can still see me typing here, that means I’m not keeping everything to myself and I’ll still be alive…

I’d like to thank those who approached me and showing support… haha… I’m ok lar !!! Just complaining a bit onli… To thank you all … more random photos for now…

 the bear she’s holding was my gift to Cambodia, last trip that I made I brought together with a bag of toys that I collected from my family and friends and relatives … Because I realised that they seriously need more of those stuff than us… Glad that I initiated it and brought it there…

that’s my friend showing my name on the paper… haha.. i was so touched when i saw that… though i nevr asked him to identify me but he did in the end… i just wish i could domore for thos kids…

  FOC picture… Lit Ting eat Medicine lah !!


 omg… it was so gay … hahaha … was a radio DJ … i missed those days..

sick days…

 my event last year…


i was a marching choreographer too … hahaha … DUN PRAY PRAY !!!


my first roadtrip with 2 friends in Form 6, after STPM, learning how to spend RM200+ in 1 week .. we manged to do it !! omg… (KL-ARAU-KANGAR-ALOR SETAR-KUALA KEDAH-PENANG)

A PROMISE THAT I WISH TO KEEP – i really want to go back to visit him … T.T, Tay Ninh, Vietnam




Written by Boon Ming

March 27, 2008 at 1:49 am

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