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Stranger Than Fiction

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Watching a movie at these moments aren’t right, but I couldn’t help it as it is needed to destress. Well… It did!

I like a lot of movies, but this is one of the special ones. It talks about the main character normal boring life and one day he hears voices narrating his actions. The voices do not exactly controls his actions but accurately narrating it with bombastic vacobularies. He is in a book, currently still in the writing process of an author.

Just not long after, he hears that the narrator is going to end the main character’s life, aka. killing him. Not knowing the purposes and reasons he starts to look for the source of the voice while taking a break from his own boring life and making differences.

A nicely written movie, with great casts, great acting. I like both Emma Thompson’s messy author’s look and Will Ferrell’s ordinary auditor’s appearance.

Kinda take a break from my own life, and start viewing things differently.

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Written by Boon Ming

March 30, 2008 at 1:28 am

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