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Updates + random photos + new canteen !

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So… was kinda busy two days ago… got a quiz later on but now got some time to update a bit…

The diet went on… haha… basically I tred to have a breakfast near noon time so I’ll skip 1 meal everyday. So far this plan has worked out quite fine…

Then, yesterday it was the OPENING to the new canteen in NTU !! Yay! No more boring food !! Haha.. joined into the new food line are popular outlets like Subway sandwiches, McDonalds, Canadian Pizza and Old Chang Kee !! Hohoho .. there’s even one new Bistro cum Restaurant here too !! Haha .. so excited.. let me bring you there now !

 the new Bistro

 new Subway ! can see the queue or not ?? haha … i didn’t bother to wait so I just da pao other food …

 actually i was there in the morning when there’s not much people… haha… slightly cheaper compared to outside !

So will update you guys more when the new canteen is fully opened !! (ya! there are 2 or 1 more new wings to be opened soon!) Oh yea.. yesterday had my last, the very very last lesson of German (level 3). Been studying the language of German for 1.5 years already and glad to know my teacher .. Frau Geiser. We had a fun German Oral test yesterday… haha. ..

 she’s assessing other people.. so GAN JIONG!!

 Mich, Frau Geiser und Guat Sim, meine Partner für den Test








Written by Boon Ming

April 8, 2008 at 10:48 am

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