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New Design + New Updates !

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I believe most of you must be thinking “Am I visiting the right blog?”

Yes! You’re at the right place! This is my blog and I’ve decided to give it a change rather have a same boring design all over these months!! Hehe… what a good feel right? Me too feeling very “happy ocean” seeing his color on my blog!! Haha.. Hope you all like it too!

So now I’m going to update on Yen Suan’s birthday celebration. As one of the members of SUPPER GANG so we had some “station games” for her (and Boon Cheng as partner) before she reached the final station and got her present! Haha… now photos!

 one of the station she pretended to be SIAO ZHA BO !

 yelling “I luv you Chin Hong!!” for three times …

 Yan Hong, one of the helpers that night… hehe.. considering him as a member of supper gang liao… lol (i wonder has he submitted the application form to join Supper Gang? lol)

Min Ruey seemed to be enjoying the process…

One of the station where we hung 2 LIVING cockroaches (walao… i really didn’t know that they were planning to do this) and asked Yen Suan to find a coin in the pail full of smashd fruits + geli stuff + cockroaches (which she afraid the most) relli GEEELLLLIII!!!

 she almost cried for the cockroaches .. luckily still got Boon Cheng .. haha

 the final station … romantic ler ? it was Alson’s idea oh !! Thanks to him ler !! in the end we all jumped into the pool of water … hahaha. … all wet wet !

brought to you by Supper Gang !!! hahaha …

remember the ghost photos ? it was one of the gifts to Yen Suan !! Hahaha .. we even had some X-rated programme recorded for her !! haha .. shhh … don’t tell anyone Yen Suan has the x-rated film ok ? lol

wei ! Exam next week la !!! study la !!! haha … (actually just back from Shu Cong’s birthday celebration.. another supper gang member’s … but too tired .. will update that later .. hehe)



Written by Boon Ming

April 11, 2008 at 2:58 am

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