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more birthday!! haha…

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Hey dudes, recently been mugging books quite often. Cause next week, I have 4 papers in 3 days! Walao eh… Hehe.. better faster finish this post first lo!

Oh yea. forgt to post photos on Jacky’s Birthday. Hehehe… see how was my roomie being terribly treat by friends la… ahaha… Thanks to Yee Kiat and Chin Hong and Yok Yin, we managed to pull up a great torturing show for him!! lol

 first we showed up nicely with the cake..

then you see how happy he was!! but then… wakakakaka… (continue reading…)

first we threw him into water

then the REAL GAME started !!! hahaha…


celebrating our mission success!!


So that’s it for now! See ya! 


Written by Boon Ming

April 12, 2008 at 9:22 am

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