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My Rank mY mOOd~~~ + My Long Lost Photos !!

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So So So … My mood has been very good recently…

***4 papers were finished. ONLY 3 more to go***

***finished my part-time job, a week before i was so stressed because working at exam period but at least now i’ve finished and learnt something!!***

***talk to a senior, very friendly and learnt much from him***

***Just got this email from Facebook and saying that my…***


best scientist
best father (potential)
best dancer


most confident

Ho Ho Ho … best *potential* father … What the … haha … But I have been called as a father since Form 6 from my friends … sweat … Perhaps of my personality and a part from it my OLD look gua ?! Haha .. need to change my image a bit adi … lol

About the “best dancer” part, i can’t imagine me in the swiggy move … lol

What ?! BRAVENESS is my weakness ? hahaha … Perhaps it is saying that I scored the lowest in braveness … yea … i really lack of both braveness and confidence … Been building up those now !! Hehe …

Then, tell you all what? I’ve just recovered one of my photo albums and I’ve re-found back so much memories !! HooHoo … So touchign to see back these photos … So it’s time for RANDOM PHOTOS again !!

 Nice right? Hehe … I’ve sent this for photo competition and guess what ??!!?

I didn’t win anything 😛

 family trip to Bukit Merah !! Ooooh !! So much fun here !

 the 2005 camp in UM that i went !

Backpack to Malacca back in 2005 !! Cool …

Hey I not yet ready lar !!

one of my best friends … Kenny … muahaha …

Actually I like the photo below very very much … But it’s not perfect … It would have been perfect without the dumb guy passing over the girl while I was taking the photo … wth … sweat … Why so stupid ?!?! Hahaha .. even after 3 years I still cannot forgive this dumb guy !!! Imagine the photo with the girl dancing so merrily in front of this statue … How wonderful isn’t it ?

Look back the t-shirt I’ve made for a forum … muahaha … lousy ler ?!

Science Fiction Competition 2005 … The third Consecutive Year of winning the same award with my friend Kai Yit and Kenny, they have won the competition too ! ! hehe … 

Sleeping on the way back to the hotel … hehe …

All the graduation dinner photos … hehe … back to 2005 …

My Super Form 6 Science 2 Class !!! Hehehe …

Ok … will post more of my past photos soon … hehe …

*Oh yea… I’ve never forgot about the present that I wanted to give you all but hey… be prepared … gimme more time to prepare … hehe …



Written by Boon Ming

April 20, 2008 at 12:07 am

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