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random photos again !!

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Most of it will be my 2005 Malacca Trip with my best friend, Kenny while Ill include some of my Form6 Graduation photos !! hehe …

Special Chicken Rice in Malacca !!

Me, Kenny and Kai Yit !!

Choy and Swee Hwa !! Wah .. Didn’t see them like for years adi !!

《全。家。福》 Happy Family

More Random Photos .. Me and my brothers sisters … hehe


 Haze Problem in my neighbourhood few years ago …







 Yay!! New canteen open already !!

What ?! Coke car ?!!!

Ok … last Friday … total of 15 people went out for Supper !!! Muahahaha … Other people see us thought we wanted to PEK YAU !! Hahaha … Gangster fight !! lol …


Written by Boon Ming

April 21, 2008 at 8:49 am

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