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Hi all! I’m sure you are taking a break to read my blog. Thanks again! I had my Maths paper this evening and I didn’t do it too good. Whatever, it’s over so let’s get over it. What now??

Oh yea… I’d like to share two items with you today. A song and a short video clip. Hope you all will like. Coincidently both of them are in French (movie with subtitles). I’m sorry that the song does not come with a subtitle but I’m sure you will like the song and actually somehow grab the meaning. So here goes!

Song “les jours de neige en ville” by Amelie-les-crayons

Original song clip released on the DVD. Amélie wrote this new song after the tsunami in Indonesia, while in Lyon, France, everything was covered with snow. The contrast between horror and peacefulness was so astonishing that she put it on that text “snowy days in town”

Short Video – On S’Embrasse?

On S’Embrasse
Dir. Pierre Oliver / France / 2001
A girl arrives at her audition ten minutes early. Finding it difficult to learn her lines, she approaches a man nearby for help…..

Bravo! Tres bien!!


Written by Boon Ming

April 23, 2008 at 9:11 pm

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