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Guess what? I’m actually happy and not. Happy because I got one last paper to go… Next Wednesday!! But disappointed because I might just fail my first ever paper in NTU. Oh my godd!!! Hhahaaha… How can I still laugh about that? Well … anyway it’s over liao and not use to cry over the spilt milk … So never mind la … I just hope that I can keep my scholarship or else I’d really need to “da pao” and go back to KL… Haha… (da pao means pack up in Cantonese… lol)

So what about today? Hiak hiak hiak… After the paper I was like relax-ing myself with my coursemates and friends like there’s no tomorrow!! Hahaha … I was eating like there’s no calories!! Haha… later tonight must jog or else I’d rather suck my fat !! lol

We went to Swensen to celebrate my coursemate’s birthday and guess who’s the lucky one? Hehe.. His name is Kai Shing and so he got a free treat from all of us and also from SWENSENS !! Haha.. Birthday boys/girls will get a complimentary dessert when your birthday is on the same date!! Haha…

Ok… cut the crap… Now I’m gonna post Photos like there’s no tomorrow!!! hiak hiak hiak!!!

  both of them are Orange juice… haha… what’s the difference? the one on the right is SUPER ORANGE REMIX (with milo + lime + etc … sweat.. i got this because i bet wy leong didn’t dare to mix all the drinks in the canteen for me… T.T)

So here come the birthday photos!!

 Swensens Mega Burger $13.90 … wy leong said not bad oh…

 Birthday boy Kai Shing’s Fish an Chip … yummy …

 Lamb Chop Lamb Chop !!

 My own normal until cannot normal anymore de breaded chicken … hahaha …

  Jackson’s crap .. oops .. crab set … nice oh!!

 the sweet ladies ordered a pizza … crunchy eh !

 then we got Fondue some more! $18.90 .. not worth la …

 we “killed” the flag … 

  Kai Shing – the Birthday boy … hehe .. pretend to be innocent .. muahaha …

  sorry ah .. din bring camera … hahaha … can see my new haircut or not ? lol

hehe …

So post a photo of my new laptop’s desktop … i installed MAC OS X interface but uninstalled it soon after due to the HUGE LAGNESS after i installed them … … very lag ler … even so pretty but i had to give them up lor … 


Oh yea… forgot to tell you all … I got my haircut today too!! Muahaha .. become more and more HANDSOME adi!! Hehe .. Wi

Written by Boon Ming

April 26, 2008 at 1:53 am

3 Responses

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  1. yummy!!!
    i didnt eat western food for a long time ady…haha…
    cheer up man~
    sometimes emptiness made us realise how bahagia we are…


    April 26, 2008 at 1:19 pm

  2. @erlina: haha … thanks .. i’m fine … hehe … aledi forgot about tat … will only remember about it when the results released later … hiak hiak hiak …

    Boon Ming

    April 27, 2008 at 10:30 am

  3. 那天去找朋友,也去了你们的食堂,嗯,应该是第九食堂吧~食物还不错呢~^^


    May 25, 2008 at 4:17 pm

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