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Journey to the Civilisation 1

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I’m not putting title for fun. Got special meaning behind it okay?! Haha, you will know it sooner or later..

So, last month me and my coursemate Jackson went on for our first backpacking travelling to 4 3 cities (you’ll know why I deleted 4 later). Anxiety and exciting, together we embark on a wonderful 15-day-journey.

June 11. My father fetched us to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) at Sepang (we start to wonder why having the international airport SO FAR away from the city?! wth… took almost 1 hour plus to reach.. siao ler) After checking in we still had 3 more hours to go, so to waste our time as always we went to McDonalds! lol

My arse got numb! Siao 4 hours journey in the plane, this is by far my longest air flight and seriously I was really tired (and hungry…). We were so excited when the pilot annouced that we were going to land!! Woohoo!! But landed at the Shenzhen Airport means our trouble started. How to get to our hostel from the airport? Haha… Langgar here langgar there… We managed to get an express bus and taxi and finally reaching our dear dear Youth Hostel by 10pm!! Haha… So glad that we were there and first thing after we put down our thing was to eat!!!!!! Seriously we tried several stuff (but didn’t manage to take photo because it was late and we didn’t dare to bring our camera together lol) TELL YOU WHAT … … THE 双皮蛋奶 dunno what you called in English is DAMN NICE !!! By far the best !! (even Hong Kong and Macau also cannot fight!! haha…)

 everything looks so nice!! lol .. and cheap also… RMB150 double room…

June 12. Maybe too excited. I couldn’t sleep well yesterday and so I woke up very early this morning. I realised that in Shenzhen the sun rises early too!! Haha…

After a simple breakfast, we went to the city to find for more stuff!! lol

 Taking their subway.. can fight with Singapore’s oh!! Can see my name? “文明”means Boon Ming “礼让”means offer seats to those who need it … I’m so good .. hehe

Then I saw JUSCO !!!!

About noon time we ‘accidentally’ walked into a bookstore and the books ARE SO CHEAP~~!!!! We even browsed the books til out of our schedule… ;P haha… Realising the heavy error we had done we quickly rush back to our hostel to have our lunch and proceed to the highlight of the day!!

 My lunch … RMB4 if not mistaken.. X)

 SHOOPPINNNGG ~!! You must feel that we kinda stupid to buy all those because we gonna carry them all the way during our journey right? Why don’t we buy it at Guangzhou? Guangzhou’s books also cheap lar… haha… … you will know later… COZ SOMETHING VERY VERY VERY WRONG HAPPENED !!!

 another “Boon Ming” .. lol

 their bus stop …

So where were we heading? What was the highlight of our day?!!!?!


Stay tuned … (got meeting after this lar… haha… you tot i want to make advertisement meh? haha…)

Written by Boon Ming

July 8, 2008 at 5:29 pm

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  1. 文明
    礼让 —> I saw 文礼 (Boon Lay), haha. Ya, if i not wrong, the sun rises around 5-6am daily, most of the time it wakes up earlier than me -_-||
    双皮蛋奶 is it egg tart?
    Keep on posting!


    July 8, 2008 at 5:43 pm

  2. 双皮蛋奶 – cold harden milk thingy… got hot one but i dun think it’s nice lar … haha … you know what or not ? lol

    later i will show you all the photo .. no worry .. haha

    Boon Ming

    July 9, 2008 at 12:30 am

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